We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.33.0/2.33.1. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.



-> upgrade jquery.js to 1.7.2

-> upgrade prototype.js to 1.7.1

-> add publish functionality which allows to add a publication from and a publication to date to any page in the Wiki. To view a page outside the publication time-frame the user needs edit-rights. In the defined time-frame view-rights are sufficient. The feature can be activated/deactivated in Space-Preferences, Wiki-Preferences and in xwiki.cfg. The implementation extends the XWiki Rights-Service implementation.

-> add possibility to overwrite the from mail address for account creation.

-> add loading indicator on opening editor

-> add celements-ui.css as content-css to tinyMCE to e.g. allow using ’OpenSans’ in tinyMCE UI

-> move default blockformats config to java (and add possibility to overwrite in xwiki.cfg)

-> add default configuration for celements.login.userfields in xwiki.cfg

-> refactoring oldCoreClasses collection and adding missing Celements2.Redirect class.

-> add detailsClasses (for summery and publication date) to default collections

-> translate title and reordering hint in PresentationEdit (already used in NewImageGalleryList)

-> add migration for duplicate newsletter receivers (which where added by double click). Prevent double click when importing receivers.

-> change MenuService to hide all menus for XWikiGuest by default. Except the XWikiPreference or xwiki.cfg value changes this new default behaviour.

-> add new CelementsRightsImpl which handles publish / unpublish for documents. Add possibility for multiple publish objects (representating multiple publication time spans).

-> add English translation to documentation.



-> fixed NPE in CelementsWebPluginApi.validateRequest()

-> fix not saving issue if initial tab is not content tab in editor.

-> add highslide-fix for overlay dimming in IE 10

-> fix for embedding images with external URLs in a Newsletter

-> fix urls in gallery standard css for navigation arrows in overlay

-> fix padding top and bottom in newImageGalleryListing