We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.27.0. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.


-> add auto html element-ids for layout cells without user defined id.

-> improve slideshow to decrease image size by border-width if there is a border defined. Copy border definition to temp-image.

-> Add-Gallery dialog moved to overlay. Add possibility to use a GalleryTemplate.

-> replaced xwiki-lucene-plugin with self built version including date indexing fix and Lucene 3.4

-> Improved Lucene query builder to support search ranges, fuzzy, proximity and boosted search.

-> Images can now be converted to Gray scale (use BnW=1 request parameter).

-> add JavaScript classes CELEMENTS.layout.Outliner, CELEMENTS.layout.editor.OutlineCells. A Outliner objects supports outlining of any HTML-Dom-Element without disturbing the layout (like e.g. a element-border would do). A OutlineCells object uses the Outliner and supports outlining of celements cells in a page rendered by its celement layout.



-> remove image dimension hack in slideshow.js because celements-photo plugin is fixed.

-> fix double border problem in slideshow if border is defined on image

-> change behavior for sitemap outside structure links to open in an new window.

-> fix NPE in renderOneBlogArticle.vm script. NPE happend if visitor has no view-rights on one article.

-> fix image decoding when importing images from zip. Now uses default image decode like image download.

-> increase FilePicker width so that scrollbar is visible in all browsers.

-> Fix http status code to 404 of a Redirect response which internal redirect cannot be found.

-> Fix http status code to 404 if an exception on processing the request occurs.

-> Fix exception template to show the exception result in the content cell of a celements layout.