AppScript Support

AppScript is supposed to ease up application development on the xwiki/celements platform. Its main focus is on application scripts which are not editable and must be viewed in the application layout chosen by the customer.

The AppScript feature adds an app-action which allows to access any script on disk in the templates/celAppScript folder. This scripts can be overwritten (or may only exist in dbs) in the central (celements2web) or local database in the "AppScript" space.

Overwrite docs AppScript (e.g. /login)

Moreover it is possible to overwrite any XWiki-Document by a appScript on disk. Yet, such a script (e.g. login) must be registered in the xwiki.cfg (Param com.celements.appScript.overwriteDocs ) and this config can be completely overwritten in any XWikiPreferences ’appScriptOverwriteDocs’ parameter.